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New for Winter 2014/2015

3D Flash Model (click on to rotate, +- to zoom):

NEW! Custom Carbon Fiber CNC plate work available.

"Copperhead" for Serpent 811T

Due to high demand, this body is out of stock at the moment.

Looks be damned!
"That is the ugliest sickest body ever!" - Customer

The new Copperhead for 811T has been designed to maximize frontal downforce.
Design criteria included:

                                1. Less vertical and smoother front end.
                                2. Even more "cab forward" than the stock Serpent body.
                                3. Strengthen "hinge" points to help prevent premature cracking.
                                4. Front splitter and large canards help increase front downforce.
                                5. Design input from racer Jeremy Whiting:
                                        a. Flipping rear mounts 180 degrees allows easier body mounting.
                                        b. Clearance around rear shocks to allow easier ride height adjustment with body on.
                                        c. Jeremy recommends full rear wing to balance the increase in front downforce.
                                6. And just to be safe, .060" GE lexan!
(with clear overspray mask)
 3D Flash Model (click on to rotate, +- to zoom):

Bodies come untrimmed and unpainted.

Here it is trimmed out with window masks applied.

Designed and manufactured in the USA!

Price is $35 + shipping.

Includes basic window masks and instructions.

Shipping to US seems to be about $7-$14.
For you overseas guys, if I use USPS, shipping is about $20-$50.

Shipping to coutries with questionable import or postal service is provided with no warrantee or gaurantee of delivery.

Stock is OUT! (please check back)

Order 3 or more to get the discount price of $30 each!

Please include how many you'd like and your approximate location (to calculate shipping)
and I will send you a Paypal invoice.

Make sure your Paypal address is up to date too, Thanks.

This is Sam's new Copperhead body on his Serpent 811T. It looks too nice to race!

See his nice tutorial at:

Here is Ross's 811T painted by RCS Graphics Worx:

More renderings (Designed in Proe Wildfire 5.0):

Jeremy's personal ride.

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